Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bless Me

''..Not long ago a young boy named Avey and his friend Panda Bear roamed the patch work which covers the land (some call it forest). They were looked upon by Pan and raised by fairies and the Angels of light who play deep within the Wood. 'Let's make the music of childhood,' Avey shouted one day as the two played. Panda thought this idea was a good one. 'I can use my magical Rhythm sticks and you can play your Sun harp,' he said. So the two began to create melodies and Panda brought rhythms from every direction while Avey sang. All of the songs were about wooden toys and invisible friends and filled with the light of the forest. This is the first group of songs they played..''

Ετσι , στις μερες της μαγειας που ο κοσμος κυλαει αναποδα και τα ποταμια πιανουν κορυφη , στα δαση σβυνουν τα ιχνη και η αλεπου ερωτευεται το μοναχο δινοντας τα μυστικα της και μπαινοντας στα ονειρα του..ενα ματι θυσια ..καθως προτασσει ο Neil Gaiman..

Setlist της εκπομπης Exploding Plastik στον της Τριτης 21 Δεκεμβριου 2010..

Tron Legacy OST - Theme
The Deep - Mudd
M83 -Run Into Flowers
Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You
Ladytron - Sugar (Jagz Kooner Mix)
Rotersand - Lost (Re-streched)
Cure - Kyoto Song
Black Tambourine - Black Car
Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin
Cibelle - The Gun And The Knife
Mercury Rev - Holes
Arp - Alfa (Dusted)
Gil Scott Heron - Me And The Devil
Suicide - Be Bop Kid
Wilco - Company In My Back
Daft Punk - Fragile
Bill Callahan - The Wind And The Bird
Strange Zero - My Last Minute
Propaganda - Femme Fatale
In Trance 95 - Wild Beauty Ocean (Toujour Pour Jamais Remix)
Magic Wands - kiss Me Dead
Crystal Castles - Year Of Silence
Brigh Light Bright Light - Falling (Cover)
Pastels & TennisCoats - Vivid Youth
Luyas - Tiny Head
Nacho Sotomayor - Eternal


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