Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Οχεντρες Ερπουν

Λαγγευουν παρακεντιζοντας τα ποδια.Μηπως να φτανανε στο Μαρς ? Στον πρασινο πλανητη...

Η σετλιστ της εκπομπης Exploding Plastik της τριτης Τριτης του Ιουνιου 2011 στον ειναι η ακολουθη:

Twin Shadow - Tyrant Destroyer

Heretoir - To Follow The Sun

Alexander Veljanov - Black Girl

DeVision - The Far Side Of The Moon ( Patenbrigade Wolff Remix)

Amy Winehouse - Just Friends

Colder - Wrong Baby Love

Guillemots - Walk The River

Wu LYF - Dirt

Athamay - No8

Engelsblut - Kapitaen

May Roosvelt - Oomph (Mandilatos)

Bonnie Prince Billy - Death To Everyone

D/R/U/G/S - Love/ Lust ( Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

Stendahl Syndrome - Blinding Lights

Piano Magic - Dark Ages

Nicolas Jaar - Mi MUjer

Penguin Kill Pollar Bears - This Is Love

Au Revoir Simone - Boys Of Summer

Interlace - Candle Burns Blue

Thurston Moore - Orchard Street

Peter Murphy - Marlene Dietrich Favourite Poem

Lungfish - Oppres Yourself

Hanin Elias - Burn

Male Bonding - Bones

Tied To The Branches - Walls

The Black Keys - Too Afraid To Love You

Tiamat - Do You Dream Of Me

Anathema - Alternative 4

The Mount Fuji DoomJazz Corporation - Erotic Love Queen

Wynartage - The Frozen Point

Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn

αφιερωμενη -κι αυτη- στον εν τω βαθει ποταμο , τον Μαρνο..


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