Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Οσο υπαρχει τραπουλα θα βγαινουνε Ρηγαδες

- Θαρρεις πως βγαινεις με τετοιο χαρτι? 

Eκπομπη Exploding Plastik 10 Δεκεμβριου 2013 στον www.indiegroundradio.com

1.Femminielli - Semence en Moi , le Danger
2.Caribu - Skunks 
3.Phosphorescent - Song for Zula 
4.Dragons - Condition 
5.Blablarism - Saccades
6.Sigmatropic - Crack In the back
7.FROTH - Oaxaka
8.Soul Coughing - Screenwriters Blues 
9.Adamski feat .Nina hagen - Get Your Body
10.Ochre - Leaving Arcadia
11.The Out Crowd - Treaty Breakers
12.Hookworms - Since we have changed
13.Boris - Tokyo Wonder land
14.Toy - Join The Dots 
15.For Against - Amen Yves
16.Spain - Only One
17.Julia Holter - Hello Stranger
18.The Great Park - Deserter
19.Human Puppets - Lost Loves 
20.Jonathan Richman - I'm Straight
21.Thee Oh Sees - Strawberries 1+2


Εκπομπη Exploding Plastik 17 Δεκεμβριου 2013 στον www.indiegroundradio.com

1.Xmal Deutschland - Mondlicht
2.Venus In Furs - In My Velvet Cage
3.The Dead Weather - Open Up (That's enough)
4.Soviet Soviet - Together
5.Peter Murphy - I' ll fall with your knife
6.LionRock - In The End
7.Jex Thoth - Keep your weeds
8.Mani Deum - I Feel The Vibrations Of Earth
9.Blouse - Imperium
10.The Bomber Jackets - Game Changes 
11.Tortoise & Billy Prince Billy - Love Is Love
12.WhoMadeWho - Deep Black Vanishing Train
13.Flaming Lips - Turning Violent
14.We Came From Waters - Yellow Position 
15.Klangstabil - Push Yourself
16.Der Blau Reiter - Through Glasses
17.Glasvegas - The Words That Maketh The Murder
18.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love
19.Slowdive - When The Sun Hits
20.Molly Nilsson - You Always Hurt The One You Love
21.The Cure - Just Like Heaven 

και καπως ετσι εκλεισε η χρονια ..


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